Blonde & Pale Eyebrows

Can a blonde get a natural looking eyebrow tattoo ?  Yes as I’ve some very natural, taupe, golden brown and light brown coloured pigments that naturally match blonde hair.   It’s also not just the colour I use but how much of it I use, so a light colour can look very subtle or more styled

Blonde ladies wanting dark tattooed eyebrows. When you pencil or colour in dark eyebrows, you are not only colouring your skin, you are pencilling and colouring over eyebrow hair.  Blonde eyebrow hair.  When you have a dark tattoo, this will sit under your blonde eyebrows, which you will now need to tint regularly to keep the brows looking dark.  Otherwise you can mistakenly think your brow tattoo isn’t dark enough

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2 thoughts on “Blonde & Pale Eyebrows

  1. i have had my top up microblade brows and hate it the first session was natural and light and i loved it but my top up she changed the style and added shade they are thicker darker and cant see the stroked they just look smudged and a block colour tattoo very fake un natural and embarrassing. i was wondering if it was possible to add a lighter tone to break up my brows?


  2. Hi Lyndsey, I’d recommend removal to help lighten the colour and begin to correct the shape. It is not advisable to try adding a lighter colour as the dark colour will always show through, and can end up looking dull/creamy colour. I offer saline tattoo removal, you’ll find it in the treatment mentu above x Lisa


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