Dark & Natural Eyebrows

Can a dark eyebrow tattoo look good ?  Yes if you visit a technician who understands colour theory and is experienced offering dark tattoos on all colours of skin.  This risk with wanting a dark eyebrow tattoo colour is that it will heal grey, blue or green, just like a body art tattoo will.  You rarely see a black body art tattoo actually looking black, and the darkest brown colours are mainly black pigment

I not only am experienced offering permanent makeup, but I teach a colour theory workshop and am the UK supplier of a range of pigments that I know very well.  There are many, many ranges of pigments out there, some are not so good, and even with the good ones, it’s still down to the technician picking the right colour for you

Ladies wanting dark and densely coloured tattooed eyebrows.   There is a lot of maintenance (regular top ups) to get dark densely coloured brows to stay looking like this.  Can you imagine how hard it is for a natural blonde to want black hair, there is so much colour needed until the hair has reach colour saturation.  That’s what we need to get the dark dense brows too.

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