Beautiful Ink Ltd is me, Lisa Henning

I started my company because I wanted to help women achieve their beauty goals, and improve their confidence. I’m professional, open and friendly; I like to involve you in the process from start to finish. I’ve seen how nervous some people are before a treatment but they always leave feeling relaxed – and happy with their results

What to expect from a Beautiful Ink treatment

I’ll make sure you know exactly what’s going to happen, and answer any questions you might have. I want you to be totally relaxed and confident about your treatment

Whatever your treatment, I’ll chat to you while I’m working to reassure you or just make you feel at home. I can be quite talkative !


I only use one product range for my skin treatments, and one tried and tested range of permanent makeup pigments

I make your treatment personal. I’ll be your first and only point of contact throughout your treatment, from the initial consultation to the end result. I’m realistic and will always be honest about what we can achieve. I take a massive amount of care and pride in what I do. I actually still get quite excited about the results of my treatments !

My experience

  • I started out in 2012, training in cosmetic tattooing with Finishing Touches.
  • Later, I added medical tattooing and skin needling to my repertoire. I trained with Dawn Cragg MBE, one of the treatments original pioneers
  • From my initial skin needling training I researched and developed MediTatu® an advanced form of microneedling which improves scars and stretch marks.
  • I went on to train with RegimA so that I could offer their ‘Peel and Heal’ treatment for scars, damaged skin and skin rejuvenation.

I love my work so much that I want to bring it to as many people as possible. So I became a distributor for Bomtech micro needling and permanent makeup equipment and set up my very own training school for technicians who want to learn the art of dry tattooing and permanent make up. I’m a HABIA endorsed training provider so you can train with me with confidence

Call now to book your appointment

Lisa – 07530 978856