Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment: Active Acne, Hormonal Acne, Congested Skin, Oily/Problem Skin, Rosacea

I offer three different RégimA peels for acne, Power Peel, Peel & Heal and RégimA Acne Attack.  We begin with a 30% Power Peel plus homecare products to boost and maintain results

  • Your first 30% peel – £100
  • Includes 4 travel sized products worth approx. £40
  • Or includes £40 towards full size products
  • Additional 30% peels – £80
  • Prices are for face, for body POA
  • Other peels are available and used if required

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I also stock RégimA home care products to boost and maintain results achieved

RégimA Supplied Photos:

RegimA Acne Peel Before and After

RegimA Peel & Heal 2

RegimA Peel & Heal 4

RegimA Peel & Heal 5

RegimA Peel & Heal 7

RegimA Peel & Heal 13

RegimA Peel & Heal 3

RegimA Peel & Heal 12

Booking a Treatment

Pre-peel homecare isn’t always necessary, generally more suitable for those with very sensitive skin or dry skin.  Acne form skin will feel soothed after a peel, and less red than when you came in !

However you can book a consultation to discuss your treatment plan, and begin using the products before your course of peels

What does the peel feel like ?

It tingles and feels a bit itchy.  I sit with you during your peel and fan you till your face feels comfortable.  Skin that already feels uncomfortable with acne,  is very dry or congested, would benefit from pre-peel homecare to prepare the skin

The first peel stays on for up to 20 minutes, subsequent peels for longer, building up to an hour.  As the skin improves it gets used to the peels, the tingly and itchy initial part of the peel is barely there

Skin becomes more refined and fed during these peels, not thinner and more fragile as you might expect.