Pre-Treatment Advice

Preparing your skin for a dry tattoo treatment

Dry tattooing scar and stretch mark treatment this is essentially a tattoo without pigment, the pre-treatment advice is pretty similar to that when preparing to get a tattoo

Prepare your body

There must be no sign of inflammation or hyper-pigmentation from previous treatments. So no laser, microdermabrasion or similar skin removing/damaging treatments for at least 30 days prior to treatment.  If you have any queries about this please get in touch

Gently exfoliate the area to be treated daily and apply a good quality moisturiser for 7 days before treatment.  Do not make the area red, gentle exfoliation is all that’s required.  This prepares the skin by gently removing the dead outer layer, so you can present fresh moisture skin for tattooing.  It isn’t a problem if you don’t have time to do this before your treatment, however it gets you used to creaming your skin which you will be doing afterwards as aftercare to boost results

Do not take Aspirin or Ibuprofen for 48 hours before treatment

Minimise alcohol for 48 hours before treatment

If the face is being  treated you are advised not to make social plans for the next 48 hours as you cannot yet resume using makeup.  However post treatment camouflage will have been applied before you leave and this can stay on overnight

On treatment day – Have a good meal (an hour or less) before arriving for your treatment, do not skip eating or just snack.  While the treatment itself doesn’t hurt, due to numbing cream being used, your body is still dealing with a treatment and it needs fuel.  If you have eaten too little, your body can start to feel cold and shivery, and you’ll feel tired, even ill

Bring some sugary snacks to have after the treatment; or give yourself time to have a sandwich or snack before heading home, especially if you’ve had 3 plus hands worth of dry tattooing

What to wear

Wear clean comfortable clothing with easy access to the body part getting the dry tattoo treatment.  If the mid-section area is having the treatment, wearing fitted clothes such as leggings, stretchy jeans, tights etc. is ideal

During the treatment I have fresh clean towels cover any exposed areas not getting treated

Clothes worn on the treated area should be dark colours.  Aftercare will have been applied to the treated area and this could stain light coloured clothing