Beautiful Ink Ltd (Incl. Skin Confidence) Reviews

Anna says…

August, 2016 – Scar Treatment – 1 Hand (soft) with Lisa Henning
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“I’m just few days after my treatment with Lisa and I highly recommend her services for anybody having problems with hyperthrophic scarring. I can already see the difference in scar appearance and it’s really amazing. I can compare it with much more expensive fractional laser treatment and steroid injections after which I didn’t have so immediate and positive result. Lisa is absolutely highly skilled and incredibly knowledgable expert in scarring treatment. I couldn’t recommend her services more 🙂 ” Recommended!

Anonymous says…

July, 2016 – Stretch Mark Treatment – 2 Hands with Lisa Henning
(review left at Online Booking link)

“To start off with I had the back of my knees where I had old white stretch marks to be treated which was 2hand sizes, Lisa was really friendly and she gave me her honest opinion, she really wanted to give me the best results so 3 treatments are needed to see change. by the second treatment I could already see fading. I have had my 3rd and final one recently and I can’t wait to see the complete results soon. Lisa has helped immensely with my confidence, I would recommend anyone dry tattooing for stretch marks. ” Recommended! 

“I’ve had three dry tattooing sessions for my old stretch marks. My stretch marks have improved a lot and I am very happy with the results! Lisa is very friendly and is very passionate about what she does. I am shy by nature but I felt at ease with her. She answered all my questions and explained everything well. I did not find the treatment painful (with minimal discomfort in some places). Her prices are very reasonable and I would definitely recommend this treatment for stretch mars. I also enjoyed using the aftercare products after the dry tattooing sessions. ” S. I (London). Dry Tattooing Stretch Marks

Lisa is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I’ve had 3 microneedling treatments for old stretchmarks and whilst they haven’t been removed they are much smoother and less noticeable. Lisa is very honest and provides straightforward advice and opinion, and is keen to ensure that her clients expectations are realistic. She is keen to review on – going progress and is always happy to answer questions or provide advice over text, email or phone. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” Tracy Merseyside.  Dry Tattooing for stretch marks (review left on Google)

Lisa is fantastic! Before seeing her I felt very embarrassed about my skin because my adult acne and scarring was really making me feel unconfident. It’s been a year since I started and the results speak for themselves. The scarring is greatly reduced and my hormonal acne is under control. She’s really kind and I would highly recommend her!” Cara – Brighton. RegimA Skin Peels & Homecare Products

“Just want to say how amazing Lisa was when I went for a neck scar reduction treatment not only was she ultra professional but she made me feel very at ease. The treatment was explained in detail has have improved loads can’t wait for my next treatment thanks again” James – Surrey. Dry Tattoo Neck Scar (review left on Beautiful Ink)

“There is no pain, in fact already they feel less tight which is amazing after nearly a year feeling restricted, so I’m amazed!” LB – Hertforshire. FTM top surgery scars. Quote by text 4 days after treatment

After years of putting up with dark pigmentation and a scar on my forehead, I despaired of ever finding anyone who could help me get rid of it. I tried everything and had various peels that made little difference and made things worse. All that changed when I discovered Lisa at Beautiful Ink. With Lisa’s help I have seen a big improvement with the appearance of scar and pigmentation on my forehead. She was honest with me and explained that it would take some time for the pigmentation to improve and be patient. I also have afro-Caribbean skin and Lisa was mindful of the best way to treat my skin. I instantly trusted Lisa and took her advice and I am pleased to report that my skin looks 100% better. People are always complimenting me on how great my skin looks which is down to the combination of Lisa’s peels, Regima products and her advice which have made a huge difference.

I have just had my first dry tattoo treatment on the scar and I can see a difference already. I am looking forward to more treatments with Lisa and feel safe in the knowledge that she is a person you can trust and know she will do her best to try to give you the results you are looking for. She is very passionate and extremely knowledge about her profession. She is just as delighted as you when you see the great changes to your skin.

I cannot thank Lisa enough as she has given me the confidence to face the world as a confident woman as the improvements to my skin have made stop wanting to hide and worry whether people are looking at my pigmentation scarring. Lisa is a warm, thorough, caring, professional lady and great at when she does. I am so pleased and fortunate that I have met her. I am looking forward to more treatments with Lisa.

Lisa’s company name is perfect as Beautiful Ink/Skin Confidence will ensure you have that skin confidence after her treatments and furthermore, what more excuse do you need to spend the day in beautiful Brighton!”  Hazel – London. RegimA Skin Peels and homecare products, Dry Tattooing (review left on Google)

“Lisa is an exceptionally talented tattooist and is a Guru for all things to do with caring for your skin…

After years of having to draw my eyebrows on in the morning and hiding behind a long fringe, I now have perfectly tattooed eyebrows in exactly the right colour and shape that I wanted. Lisa does not use stencils, she works free hand after listening carefully to what you would like. My eyebrows are now my best feature and my confidence has returned.I also use the Regima Skin Treatment range introduced to me by Lisa. I can recommend throwing away your usual face creams and investing in Regima products. I have acne prone combination skin and I use to cover it up with layers of concealer and foundation. But after using the Regima products regularly, my face looks younger and feels healthy, smooth and glowing. My pores are reduced, fine lines are gone and I’ve had fewer acne breakouts. These products really do work!

Lisa also offers an amazing gentle Face Peel. No redness, no burning, no flaking – layers of your skin gently exfoliate over the next week, leaving a super soft and smooth, younger (yes really!!) looking you. I’m way past my sell-by-date, but I have been asked for ID in shops 3 times this year….

I can’t rate Lisa highly enough as her work and products are life-changing and confidence boosting. She is patient, warm and intelligent and has a huge knowledge of all things Skin! The premises is immaculate, welcoming and private, conveniently located in Brighton town center.

Glad I found Beautiful Ink, thanks Super Lady, I will be a customer for life!” Dixie – Brighton.  Permanent Makeup, RegimA skin peels and homecare products (review left on Google)

“Lisa is very kind and informative. She makes you feel at ease right away. She is extremely professional. I have had dry tattooing done on some old stretch marks and it has really improved the appeareance of them. I live outside of the UK and evey time over has been worth it. I would recommend Lisa to others in terms of quality of care, quality of the results and affordability”. Maria – Non UK. Dry Tattoo (review left on Google)

“I new bout Lisa on Facebook , was not sure if I go for it , because I have lots of scar from a car accident , but I say I will try , my life has change ! I am on my third treatment , and I feel amazing ,thank you so much for helping , 💜💜💜” Nema from Brighton.  Dry Tattoo (review left on Beautiful Ink)

“After the third and final course, the stretch marks are noticeably less visible and in some areas can hardly be seen at all so am very pleased with the results. I really liked Lisa’s straightforward and honest approach and that she showed a genuine interest in the results understanding that everyone’s skin (and therefore reactions to the treatment) can vary.” Sandra R from Brighton.  Dry Tattoo and Derma Roller

“I have had the dry tattooing by Lisa ,  I had an arm lift & was terribly scarred rom arm pit to elbow ,  my scars are a whole lot better now a lot smoother & less pigment in them , I will be going back very soon for another treatment , lovely lady xx” Jodie Barrett from London.  Dry Tattoo

“It was the best experience from start to finish!! From the moment I booked my appointment to the end of the session was nothing short of outstanding. We went through every step of the process in detail, I was given so much useful information- she left no stone unturned. I was completely confident I was in the best possible hands, which made the proceedure much less daunting- I am still healing but I cannot wait to book my next appointment! She not only was extremely professional, but so personable and me feel so comfortable, which nowadays is so hard to come by- plus most importantly what she does actually works!! I recommend her 1 million percent to anyone that has issues with stretchmarks and any other skin/scarring issues…I thought id have to live with them forever, but with her help she has made the impossible possible! Thank you Lisa! You know what I think of you!! You are THE BEST. Xxx” Xena – Enfield – Dry Tattooing Stretch Marks

“I was referred to Lisa by a close friend who has had an old scar transformed with treatments from Lisa.  In 2005, I had a cyst removed from my  upper left breast, leaving me with a scar that has never faded and made me feel quite self conscious. I had my first session with Lisa two weeks ago, and can already see a huge difference in the scar- it is firmer, less striated and is clearly improved (not stretched and fragile as before).  Am confident this result will increase with further treatments. Lisa is a highly skilled, lovely person.  She takes her time explaining procedure with care and detail.  The treatment was painless and I look forward to additional treatments and seeing excellent results!”  Rachel from Brighton – Dry Tattooing Breast Scar

“Overall I’ve found the experience very positive. I am still awaiting the results but Lisa has been spot on in her assessment so far. She was very honest about the pain, redness and swelling (although I did not feel much – I was well prepared!) I have had laser treatment which was a lot more aggressive and the doctor had not explained the healing process to me fully which made the experience quite traumatic, however this was the complete opposite! Thank you!” Sofia from Brighton & Hove – Dry Tattooing Face Scars

“I had micro needling for a very long and old operation scar on my abdomen. First things first: no, it didn’t hurt! In fact I kept laughing during the treatment because it tickled sometimes. I found micro needling to be a non traumatic experience with little discomfort and no downtime. Lisa is brilliant: she explained everything to me so I knew exactly what to expect, and she talked about what result I was hoping for, how, realistically, I could expect the results to be and told me clearly how the scar would develop after the treatments and what to do for aftercare. She showed me some pictures that helped me to visualise the process and the potential results. That was wonderful as I felt empowered to go ahead with treatment with all the info I needed.

Revisiting scars can be a bit emotional but Lisa’s calm and practical manner soon put me at my ease.

I’ve been to Lisa for semi permanent make previously and have always found her to be friendly, professional and creatively gifted. I recommend her to other people because she really knows her stuff. Lots of salons offer this kind of treatment but I wanted the reassurance of knowing that I was going to a professional, full time practitioner with lots of experience who has her own portfolio of before, during and after pictures. I knew I was in safe hands. Thanks, Lisa! See you soon to tackle those bothersome stretch marks…” Emma from Brighton – Dry Tattooing Large Operation Scar

“Lisa has been giving me treatment to improve the appearance of a scar on my forehead, after the first treatment there was already a very noticeable change in the way it looked. I’ve just had my second treatment a few days ago, I can’t wait to see the results.” Lilla from Brighton & Hove – Dry Tattooing Face Scar

“Lisa has recently done some micro needling on my upper lip lines, sleep creases and brow frown lines.  As this was my first treatment I was a little cautious as to how much to let her do, but knowing how painless it was and how quickly the redness went away (fully in about 36 hours) I wish I’d let her do more, and even after only 10 days I am seeing results ! Amazing !  I’m so excited about this treatment as it is perfectly natural, no chemicals or animal products being pumped into the skin.  It is truly amazing how the body reacts by producing new collagen therefore plumping the areas exactly where you need it. Can’t wait for my next treatment…”  Frances from Brighton – Dry Tattooing Lines & Wrinkles

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