Tattooing Over Scars & Stretch Marks

MediTatu ® Dry Tattooing Graphic images on this page, viewer discretion is advised. Some of the following images are immediately after treatment. The area will be red and swollen as blood has been brought into the area, how much varies by person and area treated. Effective numbing creams are used Scar & Stretch Mark Treatments … Continue reading Tattooing Over Scars & Stretch Marks

Dark & Natural Eyebrows

Can a dark eyebrow tattoo look good ?  Yes if you visit a technician who understands colour theory and is experienced offering dark tattoos on all colours of skin.  This risk with wanting a dark eyebrow tattoo colour is that it will heal grey, blue or green, just like a body art tattoo will.  You … Continue reading Dark & Natural Eyebrows

Blonde & Pale Eyebrows

Can a blonde get a natural looking eyebrow tattoo ?  Yes as I've some very natural, taupe, golden brown and light brown coloured pigments that naturally match blonde hair.   It's also not just the colour I use but how much of it I use, so a light colour can look very subtle or more styled … Continue reading Blonde & Pale Eyebrows