Lip Tattoo

From a natural blush of colour to define your lip edge (liner is not so popular anymore), to a more dense pop of lipstick colour, lip tattooing can be as bold or subtle as you like

Lip Colour, Lip Blush Tattoo


I’ve got some gorgeous colours to choose from !


Lip blush -Natural colour blushed in from the edge of the lip, not full coverage

Price: £250 first session, £100 top up

For full lip colour – May be lip tint or full density lipstick. Price depends on size of lips and colour strength required. First session £250-£300, several top ups may be required to achieve full density lip colour

Price: POA 

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Below you’ll get to read specific lip tattoo FAQs and a brief guide to the aftercare of your fresh tattoo

Lips are so sensitive, won’t it really hurt ?

Numbing creams really help with any sensitivity.  There are a couple of nippy areas, but clients tell me I’m gentle and quick thru them.  There is a time where the sensations just feel like a gentle vibration as the colour is added thru the lip.  When the numbing creams wear off and sensations return lips feel tingly, a bit like sunburn.  This sensation usually lasts about 3 to 5 hours.  This is not uncomfortable and aftercare creams and advice is given to help.

Will I end up with harsh lip liner ?

This is not such a popular look any more, with ladies favouring a more natural coverage of colour when looking to shape and outline their lips.  When re-shaping lips, the lip line and colour wash are blended naturally into the lips natural colour, thus no harsh lines.

I get cold sores, is this a problem ?

A semi-permanent lip treatment will almost certainly cause a cold sore outbreak, this is likely remove the implanted colour.  Treatments are still possible if you ask your doctor for a pre and post course of anti cold sore tablets.

The initial implanted colour is very bright, also is there any swelling ?

The initial colour lasts about 3 days before the surface begins to shed, and when well cared for with provided after creams there is minimal drying out or discomfort.  Any swelling happens the first night or second day, but again I’m gentle so not to over traumatise the area.

Why is the pigment semi permanent ?

Semi permanent makeup is also called Micropigmentation as it uses micro pigments.  Because they lack size, they also lack density of colour, so the colour fades quicker.  Were the pigment molecules bigger, the colour would be more dense and more permanent, just like normal tattoo pigment.

How long will a semi permanent lip blush tattoo last ?

After achieving your desired result, you should expect to do annual top ups to keep the colour looking fresh.   Without further top ups the colour will fade away, but some may remain for many years

Lip Aftercare

Full written and verbal aftercare is given and a healing ointment

General cosmetic tattoo FAQ’s