Permanent Makeup Aftercare

You’ve just invested in a pair of tattooed eyebrows, so it’s worth taking care of them, especially in the first few days of healing.  This is my permanent makeup aftercare advice

How to heal tattooed eyebrows


Avoid the gym, sauna or pool for 48 hours after treatment. If going out in the sun, use a high SPF sun cream to stop colour change or fading, this is especially important during the month of healing

Do not get them wet for the next 3 days, and minimally during any scabbing. No creams or ointments on eyebrows for first 3 days. After 3 days you can use a light smear of supplied ointment as needed

Colour will be too dark while scabbing, dry and patchy while peeling. Peeling lasts 5 to 10 days, do not pick off scabs as this will remove pigment.  You can resume eyebrow pencil after peeling on any patchy area

The colour will look too light after peeling – Do not be disappointed ! The colour will settle and the true colour will show in about 2 weeks

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Disclaimer:  The above advice is a copy of the aftercare leaflet given to Beautiful Ink Ltd clients.  If you are not a Beautiful Ink Ltd client this aftercare advice is for information purposes only and using it is entirely at your own risk. 

You should always take the advice of the person who carried out your tattoo.  Failure to follow their aftercare advice, or seeking and using alternative aftercare advice may give your tattooist the opportunity to deny responsibility should you be dissatisfied with their work for any reason