Saline Tattoo Removal

Removes & lightens microblading, permanent makeup & traditional tattoos.  The concentrated saline solution dries out the area containing the tattoo pigment, releasing it from the skin.  Great for fresh work !

Hypertonic Saline Tattoo Removal

Saline solution removes permanent makeup & traditional tattoos

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Hypertonic effect on red blood cells

The image above shows a hypertonic effect on red blood cells.  Left would be a normal cell, right after exposure to a hypertonic solution

To picture the effect lots of salt might have on the skin, think of pork crackling. So tattooing hypertonic saline solution into the skin creates a dried out scab of skin and tattoo pigment, which is released during the skins natural healing process

Get rid of your tattoo

To remove eyebrows can take several sessions (unknown number), booked over a period of several months, the healing process causes scabs that must not be picked, and how much colour is removed each time is unknown

If you are ready to start on the removal process and are able to travel to me for appointments, let me know when you are ready to start and we can book you in

How quickly your tattoo removes depends on the type of pigment use, how solid the colour is and how deep the pigment is in your skin.  We won’t know how many sessions you’ll need until we see how much is removed after the first session


Eyebrows £150 (full or partial removal)

Traditional tattoo: POA (working on up to 3 x 1″ sections per session)

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Eyebrows Removal & Correction – Pre-paid course of 3: £400 (save £50)

  • For pigment saturated skin so future colour can last longer
  • For eyebrows that have healed too dark

Includes 1 or 2 saline removal plus 1 or 2 permanent makeup tattoo (keeping same shape).  To add a new bigger, thicker, longer shape POA

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Appointments last about 60mins, price includes numbing cream and consultation


You can text me a photo of the tattoo you want to remove and I’ll call you with your price and treatment plan – Lisa: 07530 978856

whatsappIf you use Whatsapp you’ll find me as Beautiful Ink – Lisa